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Maine Public Records

The Maine Freedom of Access Act allows Maine residents and non-residents to request public records from state, county, and local government agencies. The agency must be able to provide the records within five days.

Residents can also access public records through the Maine State Archives, the central repository for state government records. The archives have an online database that can be searched by keyword and search terms.

How to Find Maine Public Records

As with most states, Maine offers several ways to find public records.

  • Online: Not all government agencies in Maine have an online presence, but many do. Some agencies and counties have online databases that you can search for public records.
  • In-person: You can also request public records from government agencies and counties. Keep in mind that some records, such as those that are confidential or exempt from disclosure, may not be available to the public.
  • By mail: Official records request forms are available online, or you can send a letter to the government agency or county requesting the records.

Are Maine Public Records Available Online?

Yes, some public records in Maine are available online.

For instance, the Maine State Bureau of Identification has a searchable online database of criminal history records within the InforME eGovernment Subscription Services website.

Counties like Cumberland and Lincoln also have online search engines for public records, such as deeds and property.

What Records are Available in Maine?

The types of public records available in Maine vary by government agency but generally include:

  • Agency meeting minutes and agendas
  • Budget information
  • Campaign finance reports
  • Contracts
  • Criminal history records
  • Deeds and property records
  • Vital records
  • Inmate and arrest records
  • Driver records
  • Maine Court Records
  • Laws and court cases

What Records are Non-Public in Maine?

The Maine Freedom of Access Act does exempt some records from public disclosure. These include:

  • Personnel records
  • Medical records
  • Criminal investigation records
  • Some financial records
  • Trade secrets
  • Records that would jeopardize public safety
  • Home contact information for public employees

You can read the law for more information on what types of records are exempt from disclosure.

Types of Public Records Available in Maine

The following are the documents that you can get from Maine public agencies:

Maine Public Criminal Records

The Maine State Police maintains all criminal history records for the state. These include Maine arrest records, court records, and convictions.

To get a copy of your criminal record, you can go to InforME eGovernment Subscription Services and click the Maine Criminal History Record and Juvenile Crime Information Request Service. You will need the following information to conduct an online search:

  • Subject's full name
  • Subject's date of birth
  • Credit card or subscription with InforME

Fees vary and will depend if you are an InforME subscriber, out-of-state subscriber, or non-subscriber. Results typically take just two hours and will be delivered by email.

Police Departments and Sheriffe Office in Maine :

Cumberland County Sheriff's Office36 County Way, Portland, ME
York County Sheriff's Office1 Layman Way, Alfred, ME
Penobscot County Sheriff's Office85 Hammond St, Bangor, ME
Kennebec County Sheriff's Office125 State St #1, Augusta, ME
Aroostook County Sheriff's Office25 School St # 216, Houlton, ME
Oxford County Sheriff's Office26 Western Ave, South Paris, ME
Hancock County Sheriff's Office50 State St, Ellsworth, ME
Somerset County Sheriff's Office131 E Madison Rd, Madison, ME
Knox County Sheriff's Office301 Park Street, Rockland, ME

Arrest Records and Warrants

Arrest records and warrants can be accessed through the Maine State Bureau of Identification. You can search online through the InforME eGovernment Subscription Services website via the Maine Criminal History Record and Juvenile Crime Information Request Service.

Alternatively, you can check the local police department's website or court records.

Inmate and Jail Records

The Maine Department of Corrections is in charge of all inmate and jail records. Individuals can access these records online through the Maine Adult Resident/Adult Community Corrections Client Search Service.

Here, you can search for inmates by name, MDOC Number, or date of birth. If you want more information on an inmate, you can click on their name to get details like their charges, criminal history, mugshots, and release date.

Jails and Prisons in Maine :

Cumberland County ME Jail50 County Way, Portland, ME
Maine Correctional Center17 Mallison Falls Road, Windham, ME
Southern Maine Re-Entry Center230 River Road, Windham, ME
Long Creek Youth Development Center675 Westbrook Street, South Portland, ME
York County ME Jail1 Layman Way, Alfred, ME
Charleston Correctional Facility1202 Dover Road, Charleston, ME
Penobscot County Jail85 Hammond Street, Bangor, ME
Mountain View Youth Development Center1182 Dover Road, Charleston, ME
Kennebec County Jail115 State Street, Augusta, ME

Maine Background Checks

Various state laws govern background checks in Maine. For instance, employers need to develop their written policy on pre-employment drug testing and submit it for approval to the Maine Department of Labor before conducting any drug testing.

They also have the Ban-The-Box Law, prohibiting employers from asking about an applicant's criminal history during the job application and early phases of the hiring process.

Several agencies like the Maine State Bureau of Identification offer criminal history checks. These are typically requested by individuals, businesses, or government agencies. To get a criminal background check in Maine, you can refer above to the section on criminal records.

How to find Sex Offenders in Maine

The Department of Public Safety has a database of registered sex offenders in Maine. Within InforME eGovernment Subscription Services, you can access the Sex Offender Registry.

To find sex offenders in your area, you can search by name, zip code, or location. You will also be able to see their mugshots and other information like their address, offense, and registration status. The database is updated daily.

Maine Public Vital Records

The Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention under the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is responsible for maintaining all vital records in the state. These include birth, death, marriage, and divorce records.

Maine has partnered with VitalChek to allow individuals to order certified copies of vital records online. Since Maine is a closed state, an individual must provide a qualifying relationship to the subject of the vital record to get a copy.

Qualifying relationships include:

  • Parent/child relationship
  • Legal guardian/ward relationship
  • Spouse/domestic partner relationship (copy of marriage certificate or civil union required)
  • Sibling relationship (with shared parent and full date of birth)
  • Grandparent/grandchild relationship (with shared parent and full date of birth)

Individuals can also order through mail by sending completed application forms along with the required fees and proof of relationship (if applicable) to:

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC)

220 Capitol Street 11 State House Station

Augusta, Maine 04333-0011 

Maine Court Records

The Maine Judicial Branch's Odyssey Portal enables individuals to search for and view court records online. You can either search by name or record number. Once you find the case you are looking for, you will be able to see information like the type of court, parties involved, documents filed, and docket entries.

Alternatively, you can also access court records through the individual county clerk's office. You need to complete using the Request for Records Search form and send it to the Judicial Branch Service Center.

State Court System in Maine

The Maine Judicial Branch has a unified court system consisting of:

  • Supreme Court
  • District Court
  • Superior Court

The Supreme Court is the state's highest court and hears appeals from lower courts. The District Court is a trial court that hears small claims, juvenile, probate, and traffic cases. The Superior Court is a trial court that handles more severe criminal and civil cases.

Courts in Maine :

Maine Supreme Court205 Newbury Street Room 139, Portland, ME
Cumberland County Superior Court205 Newbury Street, Ground Floor, Portland, ME
Bridgton District Court3 Chase Street Suite 2, Bridgton, ME
Biddeford District Court25 Adams Street, Biddeford, ME
York County Superior Court45 Kennebunk Road, Alfred, ME
York District Court11 Chases Pond Road, York, ME
Springvale District Court447 Main Street, Springvale, ME
Bangor District Court78 Exchange Street, Bangor, ME
Lincoln District Court52 Main Street, Lincoln, ME
Newport District Court12 Water Street, Newport, ME

Driving Records

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles under the Department of the Secretary of State is responsible for maintaining driving records in Maine.

You can request your own driving record through the online portal Driver Record Check, wherein you will need to provide your driver's license number, name, and date of birth. The cost is $7 per record for a 3-year driving history and $12 for a 12-year driving history.

The online service does not issue certificates of driving records, though, and you will need to get them from the nearest BMV office.

Civil Driving Infractions

Also known as traffic violations, traffic tickets, or moving violations, the Judicial Branch Violations Bureau usually handles civil driving infractions in Maine.

Traffic violations are accessed through the Odyssey Portal. Once you find the record, you can see information like the citation number, arresting officer, violation code, and location.

Fines are paid by mail, phone, or in person through the Violations Bureau.

Maine License Plate Lookup

The Driver's Privacy Protection Act protects drivers' personal information, and the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles will not issue license plate information to anyone.

Individuals can only request this information if they are:

  • The subject of the record
  • A member of law enforcement or an authorized government entity with a legitimate purpose for accessing the information
  • An attorney representing the subject of the record
  • An authorized representative of a business with a legitimate interest in the information

You need to contact the BMV records department to make a request. You will need to provide your name, the vehicle plate number, and a brief description of your purpose for accessing the information.

Third-party websites also provide this service.

Maine Property and Asset Records Online

Property records in Maine are maintained by the county assessor's office where the property is located. You can visit the office in person or request records online if the county has an online portal.

Property records typically contain information like:

  • Property owner's name and address
  • Assessed value of the property
  • Taxes paid on the property
  • Building permit history
  • Zoning information
  • Maps of the property

Unclaimed properties such as bank accounts, uncashed checks, and utility deposits are managed by the Maine State Treasurer. You can search for an unclaimed property using the online portal.

Important Government Agencies in Maine

Several government agencies in Maine might be of use to you. These include:

  1. Department of the Secretary of State
  2. State Governor
  3. Maine State Archives
  4. Maine State Legislature
  5. Office of the Maine Attorney General
  6. Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention
  7. Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
  8. Maine State Police
  9. Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  10. Maine Judicial Branch
  11. Maine State Treasurer
  12. Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Counties in Maine

Other Records in Maine